Engagement and Team Motivating

This course will be ideal for managers, team leaders and supervisors who want to increase the motivation of their team.

Motivating people to achieve a common vision is one of the most important challenges facing today’s managers. Motivated, committed and high performing teams make all the difference to an organisation’s on-going success. Managers, team leaders and supervisors need to use the tools and techniques available to them to maintain and increase the motivation and performance of their team and the individuals in it. When time and money are in short supply, the need for organisations to retain their best people and develop their full potential is paramount.

The course will help managers create a team in which all the members will want to work and achieve the best results. The course is delivered in four sessions of 1 ½ hours each.

The first session will look at motivators and de-motivators and how these can influence team performance.

The second session studies motivational theories and how delegates can relate motivational theories to their role, whether as line manager, team leader or supervisor. Delegates will also be able to use aspects of motivational theory to meet different individual needs.

The third session focuses on improving motivation through effective communication and will also look at barriers to effective communication. Delegates will be able to show how communication is a key factor in building a motivated and high performing team.

The final session will look at maintaining motivation and study the link between motivation and employee retention. Delegates will also create a Personal Action Plan designed to increase their team’s motivation.

How long does it take?:

I day course (4 x 90 minute sessions)

How will i be Assessed?:



Delegate rates, discounts and grants available on request

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