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At Runway Training, we pride ourselves on our high level of professionalism and commitment to our learners. We are dedicated to providing specialist support to all our learners and to: 

  • Provide a high quality service that meets learners’ and employers’ needs 
  • Provide effective advice and guidance to both learners and employers 
  • Provide the most flexible solutions that match the needs of the employer 
  • Provide qualifications that enhance the learners’ skills and benefit the employer 
  • To ensure that we can achieve these aims, we have a range of policies and procedures to guide our work and help learners. Some of our main policies are outlined below. 

Runway Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy
Version: 1.6
Document Creation Date: 24.05.2022

Runway Health and Safety and Welfare Policy
Version: 1.6
Document Creation Date: 24.05.2022

Runway Prevent Policy
Version: 1.4
Document Creation Date: 23.11.2021

Runway Safeguarding, Online and Safer Recruitment Policy
Version: 1.6
Document Creation Date: 24.05.2022

Runway Staff Development Policy
Version: 1.3 (002)
Document Creation Date: 19.07.2021

Runway Contingency and Adverse Effects Policy (Apprenticeships and Traineeships)
Version: 1.0
Document Creation Date: 14.4.2022

Runway Blank Commitment Statement
Document Creation Date: 20.05.2022

Runway Compliments and Complaints Policy 
Version: 1.5.2
Document Creation Date: 08.04.2022

Appeals Policy
Version: 1.7.1
Document Creation Date: 03.05.2022

Data Proction and GDPR Policy
Version: 1.3
Document Creation Date: 03.05.2022

Environmental Sustainability Policy
Version: 1.7
Document Creation Date: 03.05.2022


Safeguarding in the broadest sense is our commitment to place the learner at the centre of our concerns and to build around the learner policies, procedures and practices that actively protect the learner from harm and ultimately aim to significantly reduce or eliminate the potential of harm to the learner’s overall well-being.

Safeguarding looks at all types of harm or potential harm including but not limited to:

  • Sexual abuse or inappropriate relationships
  • Grooming
  • Physical/emotional abuse and neglect
  • Domestic violence
  • Inappropriate parenting
  • Inappropriate supervision by staff and volunteers
  • Bullying, cyber-bullying and acts of violence and aggression from within the learner community
  • Victimisation
  • Self-harm and risky behaviour
  • Unsafe activities and environments
  • Crime
  • Exploitation

Runway is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all its learners and staff.

We have a Safeguarding Policy to help ensure the safety and protection of learners from all forms of abuse.

Runway has a designated Safeguarding Lead who can advise on any concerns including those regarding a young or vulnerable adult.

Inappropriate Practice

If your teacher observes inappropriate practice in the workplace, this will be addressed with your Manager, and the Centre Manager will be informed. Any incident will be documented.

Please click here to view our Safeguarding Policy

Complaints Procedure

Occasionally things may not go as you wish. Runway aims to provide the very best service to learners and potential learners and has developed a straight-forward complaints procedure to ensure that complaints are dealt with as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Our complaints procedure demonstrates the way in which complaints should be reported, and how learners and potential learners can expect complaints to be handled.

Please click here to view our Complaints Policy

Appeals Procedure

Runway has developed a straight-forward appeals procedure to ensure that any appeals are dealt with as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Our appeals procedure demonstrates the way in which appeals should be reported, and how learners can expect appeals to be handled. Runway Training will ensure that no learner is subject to unfair discrimination on any grounds in relation to the access and the fairness of an assessment.

If an occasion should arise where a learner is not satisfied with their Assessor’s or tutor’s decisions, they are encouraged to apply the appeals procedure.

Please click here to view our Appeals Policy

Further policies are available on request. Please contact: email [email protected] or call us on 01732 402 402

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