Responsible Marketing Procedure


The main aim of the policy is to provide clear guidance on how Runway markets itself responsibly. We are committed to delivering high quality teaching and learning, along with exceptional customer service for our stakeholders. This extends to ensuring our services are marketed in a way that is fair, transparent and reflective of the communities we serve.

We also require that our partners and stakeholders adhere to these standards and that unsubstantiated claims aren’t made. Any use of data must be verified and sources confirmed to ensure potential customers are made aware of its origin.

We are committed to marketing our products in a responsible way and so we will regularly review our marketing communications to ensure they are aligned with these principles and that they also fit with industry best practices.


These guidelines apply to all marketing communications generated by or on behalf of Runway Apprenticeships Limited. Within this, ‘marketing’ means product advertising and promotion in all media including, but not limited to, packaging, brand promotions, brand advertising, brand PR, product placement, sponsorship and brand experiential marketing, packaging, point of sale material, digital, online and mobile marketing plus social media.

Core Principles

We commit that our marketing communications will be honest, transparent, truthful and respectful.

Above this we also commit to:

  • Never mislead our customers.
  • Always be fair and transparent when promoting our services, enabling our customers to make informed choices. Offering impartial advice and guidance in line with our duty of care as a Matrix approved provider.
  • Be legal, ethical, truthful and conform to accepted principles of fair competition and good business practice.
  • Comply with all UK legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • Avoid promoting themes associated with aggression, anti-social behaviour or violence.
  • Avoid any derogatory, defamatory or offensive statements or imagery in particular in relation to race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and political views.
  • Seek to prevent any unsolicited marketing that uses the Runway Training brand without authorisation
  • Never knowingly advertise in media or on websites that contain extremist views or explicit content.
  • Never advertise in a way that could cause mental, physical or moral harm to a child.


All new marketing colleagues and key agency personnel are aware of our Core Principles, and we review the principles on a regular basis. In addition, refresher training is available when needed.

Our marketing team, supported by our legal, technical and corporate communications specialists, are responsible for ensuring the compliance of all of our marketing collateral.

Other, non-marketing collateral which has a customer audience (for example recruitment material or Runway Newsletter communications) should also comply with these principles. Internally, as part of our approval process, all imagery is to be approved in isolation, in colour, at full/oversize and in situ/as it will be seen by the customer.

Any piece of communications perceived to be out of line with the core principles, must be approved in writing, by the Managing Director and Head of Marketing.

Runway Training Modern Slavery Statement

Runway Apprenticeships Limited trading as Runway Training wishes its learners and commissioners to be confident in the knowledge that we operate a zero tolerance approach to modern slavery and human trafficking, and we are working hard to ensure that these bad practises do not exist anywhere within our organisation or within in our supply chain.


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