Learner Spotlight: Lucy at Maths No Problem

Name: Lucy Brooks Age: 23 Course: Level 2 Customer Service Employer: Maths No Problem, Tunbridge Wells

Name: Lucy Brooks
Age: 23
Course: Level 2 Customer Service
Employer: Maths No Problem, Tunbridge Wells

How did you hear about Apprenticeships?

It was suggested to us by one of our managers; they explained that it would be a good time to complete a course so we can put it on our CV. Apprenticeships are a good way to move up higher in your company.

What were your roles during your Apprenticeship?

I am in customer service and sales. For the majority of the time I am speaking to customers. I am less customer-facing and speak to them on the phone and via email every day. I probably make a minimum of 20 calls a day.

What skills do you feel you have gained?

Definitely confidence. Also, it was a great refresher to learn how you should speak to customers so it has taught me skills which cover this.

How has Runway Training helped you?

Faye was really supportive. She used to come in for sessions and would make sure we had everything done. Faye uploaded tasks online for us to do. Runway Training gave me a confidence boost and the support we were given enabled us to complete the tasks faster and with ease.

How has the Apprenticeship helped you?

Again confidence, as well as supplying me with general workplace knowledge, such as Acts within the workplace.

Would you recommend Apprenticeships and why?

Yes I would. If there is somebody beginning a customer service job and doesn’t have any experience in that field, it is a great way to learn on the job. There are so many different units and avenues to cover, as well as to progress further onto high levels of qualifications. I would be interested in taking Level 3 now I have completed Level 2.

Have you got any advice for people looking for apprenticeships or applying for them?

Just go for it! Look online because there are so many out there, even if it isn’t something which is in your job role, you could take a qualification in something different and something you are interested in.

What are your future plans?

I want to develop in this company and possibly in another department. I would be really interested in branching out into the sales department because that is where my interest lies. Apprenticeships are a great stepping stone if you did want to do that.

The end goal?

Hopefully to be higher up in my company.

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