CV Wizard -Our top tips for creating a great CV

You’ve had your hair cut, you’ve ironed your outfit and you’ve memorised every possible interview question which might come your way. Now you’re sitting by your phone waiting for the call to invite you to an interview… the most likely reason why your phone isn’t ringing yet is because your CV needs a little work.

The first and only impression your potential new employer has of you is represented by your CV. You could have all the experience necessary, but if your CV appears to be poorly presented, poorly written or outright inappropriate, then the interviewer is unlikely to give you the time of day. Don’t let your dream job slip out of reach because of an untidy CV! Just follow these simple rules and ensure that your number is the first one dialled when they choose who to interview.


C is for Concise – Keep it short and sweet, don’t tell the story of your life to date

U is for Uniform – Try to standardise the text, font and format of the document

R is for Represent – Your CV is representing you, so make sure you do yourself justice

R is for Read – Remember to proof read your CV during the writing process and at the end

I is for Itemise – Rather than writing in giant paragraphs, try using bullet points

C is for Content – Be sure to include your education, experience and work history

U is for Unsure – If you are unsure about what to include, we have lots of useful information here

L is for Length – Include only what is relevant, nobody wants to read a 10 page CV

U is for Unique – What makes you unique? Include why they should choose you over someone else

M is for Methodical – Set up your CV in a methodical order, try arrange it in logical sections

V is for Verify – If you have altered your CV for a slightly different role, check that the content is relevant

I is for Integrity – It is absolutely essential that you are honest – even little white lies are entirely unacceptable

T is for Typography – Choose your font carefully. It ought to be a sensible size and style which is easy to read

A is for Appearance – Use minimalist lines, borders or bullet points to improve the appearance of your CV

E is for Express – Express yourself! This is your first chance to show the interviewer who you are!

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