Health and Social Care Qualifications: The Facts of Funding

The cost of training and developing staff members in caring positions is becoming increasingly expensive at a time when a well trained staff is increasingly vital. At Runway Training we always do whatever we can to support the organisations with which we work to help them offer the most relevant training and help to develop their staff.

We currently achieve this through the apprenticeship scheme which allows many team members to work towards their Health and Social Care Level 2 and Level 3 at no additional cost to them or the employer. With the added bonus of being able to complete their maths and English Functional Skills up to Level 2. Many learners are utilising the apprenticeship scheme to advance in their careers, undertake more hours at work and ultimately progressing to supervisory and leadership roles.

Delivering the apprenticeship entirely in the workplace, Runway Training offer a flexible approach to learner development, understanding that not all learners are able to attend day or evening classes at training centres of places of education. Qualification units are chosen by the students, employer and assessors ensuring they are relevant to the learner’s job role and career development.

Alternatively, learners ineligible for the apprenticeships scheme may be able to apply for the 24+ Advanced Learning Loan, a flexible way of paying course fees, requiring no payments upfront, and repayments only made as the learner has completed the course and is earning over £21000.

Our industry professionals also deliver short courses which contribute to the ongoing CPD, including but not limited to, Moving and HandlingStaff Supervision and Epilepsy training – all at great value both to the individual and to the business.

If you would like to speak to us about Health and Social Care Qualifications or any of our Care Training courses, please call us on 01732 402402 or click HERE

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