Accounting: Apprenticeships vs University

The apprenticeship scheme has been developed to support many different career choices. Young people today are now deciding whether an apprenticeship or university is the right choice for them to go into a range of professions and trades. However many may not be aware that an apprenticeship can be an excellent route towards a successful career in accountancy.


You gain actual work-experience and are paid for it!

When working in an accountancy environment, knowledge is key but will only get you so far! Having practical work-experience in the industry is also vital and will give both you and your clients confidence. As well as knowing what you are talking about, you will also have done it before!

Access to trained and experienced professionals

As part of your apprenticeship, you will be learning at all times. Your employer will be invested in the apprenticeship and will want to support your progression, offer knowledge and experience to help you become a leading professional of the next generation.

The qualifications available are as good as a degree!

Many apprentices begin by starting with the AAT Certificate in Accounting Level 2. The aim of this qualification is to develop the foundation knowledge in basic accounting and finance skills which then allows you to progress to higher levels or training.

By undertaking the AAT Certificate in Accounting Level 3 you will be enhancing the skills learnt at level 2 and understanding more complex financial processes. Again this allows you to progress to the next level of training.

On completion of AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting Level 4, you are able to undertake a wide range of financial, accountancy and taxation assignments and have the opportunity to progress to chartered status- the same as university graduates.

There is potential to earn more!

Speaking with employers across Kent, Runway Training have found that accountancy firms will often offer a higher salary to apprentices reaching chartered status than graduates due to the work experience already held by that individual.

Apprentices will also be earning a salary while learning on the job. Often university students will have no source of income while studying other than a student loan.

However, apprenticeships are not always the right route for everyone and some people prefer to study at university.

Benefits of studying Accountancy at University

A valuable and well-earned degree

Although this is changing, some employers still consider a degree to be essential when recruiting, and graduates may feel more qualified themselves.

The student experience

Graduates often tell you the best reasons to study at university are the opportunity to make new, lifelong friends, gain independence by moving away from home and of course there is lots of social benefits. This does come at a cost however, with student loans and costs likely to be £35 000 to £40 000 over three years.

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