Uncovering the Myths around apprenticeships in Kent

Here, we are putting right some of the most common misconceptions about Apprenticeships – spread the word!

1. You have to go to college every week

NOT TRUE! Whilst colleges across Kent offer a wider range of apprenticeship programmes, there are also numerous apprenticeship providers specialising in everything from Accounting to Professional Cookery providing a flexible work based delivery, dispelling the myth that you need to travel to college each week.

2. Apprenticeships are unpaid

NOT TRUE! Apprenticeships in Kent and across the UK are real jobs with a real wage.

3. Apprentices are just glorified Tea and Coffee makers

NOT TRUE! Apprenticeships in Kent, and indeed across the UK, follow a structured and monitored learning plan ensuring you gain useful and relevant skills in your area of work.

4. The only people who employ apprentices are mechanics, Alan Sugar and Merlin

NOT TRUE! You do not have to work on cars, go on a TV show or become a wizard! There are apprenticeship programmes available in Health and Social Care, Business Administration, Hospitality, Retail, Professional Cookery and Accountancy. The list goes on!

5. I will only have good prospects if I go to university

NOT TRUE! Check out this useful Video Graphic from NCFE which looks at the benefits of an apprenticeship vs going to university.

6. Apprentices can’t get a Degree in the future

NOT TRUE! Apprenticeships are nationally accredited qualifications which can be used as an alternative route to degree level study. Many apprentices progress in to Teaching, Nursing, Accountancy and Engineering.

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