Soft skills: Why are employers looking for soft skills?

More and more employers are now focusing on ‘soft skills’ when recruiting or progressing team members as they know that technical knowledge can be taught more easily than soft skill. Soft skills are valued because they are transferable from role to role and can be utilised in many different environments. But which skills are most desirable to employers?

Communication Skills

Good communicators get on well with colleagues and customers, they are dynamic listeners and hence have a greater understanding of requirements and instructions. Good communication skills enable a person to offer instructions and ides without giving a bossy or opinionated impression. Having good communicators in your team means that you will have a cohesive team with members who are able to work well and learn from each other.

Managing Your Time Effectively

In time sensitive environments, time management skills are essential! Team members should know how to prioritise important tasks, delegate appropriately and thus enable deadlines to be met. Good time managers will be able to work on a variety of projects concurrently, thereby making their time more valuable.

Leadership Skills

A skill not just for those managing a team but actually leading it! People with leadership skills who are part of a team embrace opportunities to lead by example, exude positivity, are motivational, and are constantly looking for opportunities to develop both themselves and their team.
Team leaders involve and mentor rather than direct and control, they influence rather than instruct and create other leaders not just managers or followers.

Creative Problem Solving

Problems and challenges are an unfailing constant in business. Inevitably some problems are more complex with no obvious or quick solution. But by being able to reflect on problems, knowing how to implement solutions and successfully resolve problems, good problem solvers are invaluable for organisation and project progression.

Being a Team Player

Being part of a team assumes more responsibility than just falling in line. Good team players strive towards a common goal; communicating effectively, sharing ideas, fully co-operating as well as respecting the ideas of others. By being part of a strong, established team employees can feel relaxed in their work place while ensuring projects are completed and targets met on time. And all this in an effective and pleasant working environment in which everyone wins!

How can Runway Training Help?

Runway Training run and deliver a variety of staff development courses focused on soft skills and personal skills. These developmental areas will help ensure that your employees have the right skills so you can grow your employees and therefore to grow your business. Your business’ success intrinsically depends on your employees and we can give you and them the tools to do this.

Courses are run as a 1 day development programme with our professional and experienced trainers and coaches who throughout the day will draw on experiences and current practices to tailor the course to the attendees present.

Additionally bespoke courses are available. Our trainers will work with key team members to develop an understanding of your business’ requirements and development objectives to create a programme unique to your team and organisation, thereby ensuring your team achieves the desired results.

Our courses can be delivered as 1 day development programmes or used as an initial guide to the creation of your bespoke course.

For more information, please email [email protected] or call 01732 402402.

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