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A recent survey conducted by and has revealed that 85.8% of teachers and careers advisers agree or strongly agree with the statement “I actively encourage my students to explore alternative options to uni”, however the study also revealed that 81.7% of teachers wish they knew more about options available.

Runway Training offer a range of options for Schools and Sixth Forms to support their young people find the right opportunities for them.

Runway Training work alongside many schools, academies and sixth forms supporting them with careers events, fairs and providing group workshops or 1-2-1 support in many different areas including:

Runway Training deliver workshops and Interactive Presentations in the following areas to support the progression from school in to the workplace:

Problem solving at work

This workshop allows young people to understand and develop the skills required to handle problem solving in the workplace. From identifying the types of problems that may arise in the workplace to understanding that there may be more than one way of resolving a problem at work. This workshop will delve in to planning and structuring methods to problem solve, additionally looking at how choice and personal judgement will affect the outcome and the challenges that may arise in the process.

Learners will work in groups to solve example problems by:

  1. Discussing the problem
  2. Brainstorming the possible solutions for the problem
  3. Suggesting how the problem could effect of members of the team
  4. Decide on the best solution to resolve the problem and why this is the case

Working in a team

Team members can work together effectively to achieve objectives by recognising personal strengths, communicating well and recognising where improvements can be made. By understanding your own and others personality traits, how different characteristics can contribute to being an effective team player.

Learners will work in groups or pairs to:

  1. Identify team goals
  2. Consider what characteristics make up good team members
  3. Understand and develop your own strengths and skills in team exercises
  4. Look at methods of managing disagreements

Understanding personal finance

Having an understanding of personal finance is essential for day to day life, knowing how wages are paid, ensuring that bills are paid, how debts are built and how to budget to ensure salaries are utilised effectively.

In this workshop learners will learn the difference between gross and net pay and what the deductions that you may see on a payslip. Learners will also learn how to create a budget to help you manage your wages and work related expenses. Learners will learn about Tax and National Insurance and why these are deducted.

Job application skills

Applying for a first or new job role can often be a daunting process. This workshop is designed specifically for young people looking to apply for their first job or apprenticeship. By understanding the type of information usually asked for when applying for jobs and how to obtain this. Learners will also look at how to complete application forms and what to do if an application form is not provided.

Learners will work in pairs or groups to:

  1. Discuss what common information is usually requested on an application form and why
  2. Complete an applications form utilising what they have learnt from the workshop
  3. Write a cover letter, ensuring it is appropriate for the job role

Presenting yourself for work

This workshop looks at how employers judge candidates, not just on appearance but in many other areas. This workshop will allow learners to understand how these different areas may have an effect on job application and interviews.

  1. Initially looking at CV presentation and what this tells employers about you. How different formats, fonts and the language used will create an impression of your personality
  2. How technology is relevant to applying for a job role, from social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the impression these may give to your prospective new manager
  3. Presenting yourself in person, including personal appearance, spoken and body language

Time management

This workshop contains all the information you need in order for young people to be able to handle time management within the work place. By considering the different methods of time managements and planning work activities. Knowing how to access support when facing time management challenges and understanding why punctuality and reliability are important in the workplace.

  1. Looking at time management techniques and how they are implemented
  2. Understanding how goal setting, planning and prioritising can lead to success
  3. Know what delegating in and how to delegate in the workplace appropriately

Many other courses are available to support young people and their progression in to the workplace.

Runway Training are also able to deliver development sessions for Teachers and Career Advisors on the apprenticeship scheme and how it can be a valuable opportunity for their leavers.

If you would like to speak to Runway Training about the opportunities available, please give us a call on 01732 402402 or email us [email protected]

Runway Training Modern Slavery Statement

Runway Apprenticeships Limited trading as Runway Training wishes its learners and commissioners to be confident in the knowledge that we operate a zero tolerance approach to modern slavery and human trafficking, and we are working hard to ensure that these bad practises do not exist anywhere within our organisation or within in our supply chain.
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