Off-the-job Training for Apprentices

What is off-the-job training for apprentices?
Any learning that takes place during an apprentice’s contracted hours but is not part of their normal working duties. It must be directly relevant to the qualification.

Is it a requirement?
Yes. All employers must allow their apprentices’ off-the-job training for a minimum of 20% of their paid hours.

How will it be recorded and checked?
It is recorded by the apprentice on a training log which is signed by the apprentice, employer and assessor. This log is subject to Ofsted and ESFA audits.

What is the benefit?
It reinforces practical, work-based learning with technical and theoretical learning.

Examples of learning that counts towards the 20%

  • Face-to-face tutor led delivery and coaching sessions e.g. lectures, role-playing, simulation exercises or online learning.
  • Individual study time – whether it’s to complete coursework or review modules.
  • Participating in online forums relevant to their role and industry.
  • Visits to other businesses or different business units to see how these work.
    Preparation for assessments.
  • Completing workplace reflection diaries. We find these are a great way to embed learning!
  • Work shadowing with a colleague/mentor – then writing a reflection and lessons learnt report.
  • Employer learning and development programmes related to their apprenticeship.
  • Being mentored e.g. by a more senior colleague doing a job your apprentice would one day like to do.
  • Research tasks e.g. to gain new knowledge of your industry.
  • Attendance at industry shows, particularly where they might be able to watch presentations or seminars relevant to their role and industry.
  • Attending webinars on hot topics in your industry.

More information can be found at www.gov.uk/government/publications/apprenticeshipsoff-the-job-training

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