Learner Spotlight: Katie at Valence School

How did you hear about Apprenticeships?

It is a requirement of my job role.

What were your roles during your Apprenticeship?

To commit to completing work within the agreed timeframe and to carry out my job role to the highest standard. Also to have effective 2-way communication with my assessor.

What skills do you feel you have gained?

I have felt a real sense of achievement doing this award as I had a career break to be at home with my children and worried at times that I would struggle with certain elements of the diploma, however, I have surprised myself on how much I enjoyed learning new skills.

How has Runway Training helped you?

I have found Runway Training easy to communicate with and all the staff I have met and that have helped me have been approachable and incredibly supportive and helpful.

How has the Apprenticeship helped you?

It has helped me in my job role, since undertaking the diploma I have moved from being waking night staff to a key worker and the skills I gained from doing my diploma have helped in that.

Would you recommend Apprenticeships and why?

Yes, as they will help with any professional development goals you have.

Have you got any advice for people looking for apprenticeships or applying for them?

Believe in yourself and communicate with your assessor let him/her know if you are finding something hard and they will support you.

What are your future plans?

I would like to do another qualification in either management or social work.

The end goal?

To have a good career and support my family to the best of my ability.

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