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Do your managers, team leaders or supervisors lack confidence with numbers? Do you have aspiring managers whose numeracy skills are holding them back?
Runway Training are offering a series of FREE one-day numeracy boosters, via the Multiply initiative, to develop the confidence and skills of your workforce.

Business Suit

Understanding Budgets

A key competency for managers is the ability to set
and manage budgets, but for many this can prove to
be a challenging area and often very little support is provided. This course will help candidates understand the fundamentals of how departmental budgets operate and provide hands on practical tasks to put the theory in to practice in a controlled environment.

Introduction to Cost Centres

Growing organisations rely on cost centres to ensure full visibility of projects and departments is possible across the organisation. Whilst overall profitability might be positive, the ability to drill down with granular detail can help improve economies of scale and drive efficiencies. This introductory course is ideal for those new to the concept of cost centres looking to build their knowledge in this area.

Commercial Awareness

Today’s business is more demanding than ever and the need for developing commercial awareness is vital to the success of any business. Clarity of mission, vision, strategy and tactics are key commercial aspects and awareness is important to ensure teams are working in synergy. This course will give delegates an understanding of how to develop strategy by taking into consideration both internal and external colleagues, suppliers and business partners.

Are you a manager, team leader or supervisor within a business or organisation?

Do you lack confidence in your numeracy skills or feel as though you would benefit from developing your confidence when it comes to applying numbers in your day-to-day work?

Join us for a series of FREE one-day numeracy boosters, through the Multiply initiative to develop your skills and confidence. Choose from the following one-day programmes:

  • Understanding Budgets: Understand how departmental budgets operate.
  • Managing Cost Centres: Understand the concept of how cost centres workand can be managed to ensure economies of scale and drive effectiveness.
  • Understanding Risk Management: Understand how risk registers operate and explore scoring systems to improve analysis of risk.
  • Preparing for your Future: Understand the basics of pensions, savings and investments.
  • Time Management: Understand how to prevent time pressures to build up from the interruptions, questions or demands of others.
  • Commercial Awareness: Understand of how to develop strategy by taking into consideration both internal and external colleagues, suppliers and business partners.For more information call 01732 40402 or email [email protected]

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