Learner Spotlight: Sophie at Flutterbyes

Name: Sophie Fox

Age: 19

Course: Retail Management, Level 3

Employer: Flutterbyes, Bluewater

Introducing Sophie, the hardworking young manager with aspirations of bettering her skills in the workplace.

The end goal?

To continue her role as manager at Flutterbyes.

How did you hear about Apprenticeships?

I heard about the apprenticeship through my managing director at Flutterbyes. She had mentioned to me about being a part of the apprenticeship scheme enabling me to gain a Level 3 qualification in Retail Management whilst remaining on the shop floor in Bluewater. It seemed like the perfect opportunity.

How has Runway Training helped you?

Once I had got in contact with Runway Training the whole process was explained to me in detail. I was able to understand what the Training Provider would be providing and what I had to do in order to complete the apprenticeship scheme. It was explained to me how the training plan would work and how the assessments are ran.

How has the Apprenticeship helped you?

Being an apprentice has enabled me to continue working as a manager in Flutterbyes. It is something extra I can add to my CV which could give me the benefit of the doubt in a future interview situation. It gave me the chance to brush up on basic skills as well as enabling me to gain new experiences. I had an extremely lovely supportive and helpful assessor – Faye. She showed a continuous amount of support and motivation to me throughout the apprenticeship.

Would you recommend Apprenticeships and why?

I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship to other applicants. I was able to continue my work in retail whilst gaining qualifications and a continuing to earn a wage. It not only helps with your CV it enables you to gain life experiences and to understand a wider perspective of work life.

What are your future plans?

I would love to continue managing Flutterbyes, to utilize all the skills I have learnt on the apprenticeship scheme.

Course Facts

• Retail Level 2 and Retail Management Level 3 qualifications are available with Runway Training.

• Candidates will improve their knowledge and skills needed to work in the retails sector covering: selling, service, team working H&S, dealing with theft and product knowledge.

• Learners have an opportunity to explore various aspects of Retail Management by undertaking qualifications such as Higher Level retail qualifications in buying, merchandising, visual merchandising or generic qualifications management;

• Foundation degree in Retailing (other retail titles are available) including a technology assisted version.

• BA Honours degree in retail.

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