Developing Your Team Leaders

True leadership is down to inspiring and motivating your team to ensure they perform to the best of their ability. For those that are new to leading a team, this can be daunting task. Often team members are promoted to Team Leaders, Section Leaders and Supervisors without being given the tools and resources required to get the best out of their new team. By looking at a few simple but effective practical team leading tools and skills, new Team Leaders will not only boost their leadership skills, but help their team perform to the best of their ability.

Understanding what is required of a new Team Leader is the first step in becoming great at leading a team to success. A Team Leader motivates, inspires and coaches their team. By not trying to manage, organise and dictate, a team are more likely to feel supported and empowered to undertake tasks, projects and assignments to deliver their best work.

Every Team Leader has their own approach to working with their team which can affect outcomes, by considering each team members personal qualities and traits, the leader can adapt their leadership style in accordance to the individual, the task and situation. Additionally what works for one team member one day, may not be the right approach the day after, ever changing environments in the workplace can significantly affect what tools should be used to pull team members in the same direction.

Exploring their own approach to team leading is important, rather than ‘copying’ techniques from other Team Leader’s. By developing personal practical leadership techniques, being adaptive and assertive, new Team Leader’s will find different ways of effectively leading, encouraging and inspiring great performance from their teams.

Understanding team dynamics is a key part in leading effectively, the Team Leader must know the roles each individual plays within the team, this allows realistic goal and objective setting. Without this knowledge and understanding, team members will feel disjointed from their team leader and their role within the team. The larger a team becomes, the more diverse the individuals and tasks become. Team Leaders should work in accordance with this diversity, delegating appropriately according to each individual’s skills, experience and personal desire to deliver results.

Often there will be challenges when leading teams, working with difficult team members can be demoralising for the Team Leader and members alike. These challenges should be tackled quickly and effectively. Leadership tools and techniques can be utilised to communicate effectively with all team members, calm situations and overcome barriers to success.

A Team Leader always has a presence with their team, although this does not mean they are hovering over desks and checking work every five minutes. There are often times when the Team Leader is away from the team and it can be hard to keep a team motivated. By utilising communication skills and team leading techniques, the team will continue to perform well and achieve the desired goal and maximise performance in these scenarios.

Runway Training have various options to support new Team Leaders in their development and maximise their productivity and expertise. Runway Training offer the Diploma in Team Leading, delivered in the workplace, this qualification supports the Team Leader in the development of leadership skills and techniques over a year while looking at the principles of team leading to support their development.

Additionally, Runway Training deliver a New to Team Leading one day programme, aimed to give an introduction to the basics of being a Team Leader whilst allowing them to develop their leadership skills and help lead their teams more effectively in the workplace.

If you are looking at other development options for your team, please call Runway Training on 01732 402402

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