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Tackling the Employee Recruitment Funding Challenge

Tackling the Employee Recruitment Funding Challenge
Mike Jessop, Business Development Team at Invest & Fund

The rapid rise of companies turning to apprenticeships and alternative ways to develop a happy workplace environment is a hugely positive step. However, the funding gap for many SMEs still remains and the cost of both recruitment and HR is often underrated. Make sure that you have a clear plan in place to cope with these changes.

The investment (both short- and long-term) in employing the right staff has a value that successful companies swear by, so there is no doubt that there is proven track record of attainment. Companies need to have strategy and resources in place to be able to afford to get the most out of new staff, and that’s where companies like ourselves can help.

Invest & Fund is just one of many dynamic new platforms that can be classified under the umbrella term of Alternative Finance. Our speciality is Peer-to-business lending, where businesses looking to expand and grow can place a ‘pitch’ on our Investment Marketplace for a crowdfunded loan, with individuals able to contribute anything from £25 up to the full amount required. Once finance has been successful raised, repayments are made to us by the company on a monthly basis (much like a traditional loan), and we distribute the correct amounts accordingly to each individual Investor.

This injection of finance can be used for all types of growth plans, including developing a company’s standards of recruitment.
Invest & Fund has a particular focus on helping SMEs within the South of England to grow, which is typified through our #SupportLocal campaign. Our partnership with the Chambers of Commerce in Kent and Sussex together with our team’s extensive experience of the local area allows us to fully support our clients through the process of finding the most suitable funding solution for their particular situations.

If you would like to talk to us about potential ways to fund your company’s recruitment drive or indeed any other plans for growth and development, please email me at [email protected] or call on 01424 237146 and we would be more than happy to discuss your needs with you.
Our main website can be found at and we have a busy social media presence, so get in touch today!

#SupportLocal @InvestandFund

Runway Training Modern Slavery Statement

Runway Apprenticeships Limited trading as Runway Training wishes its learners and commissioners to be confident in the knowledge that we operate a zero tolerance approach to modern slavery and human trafficking, and we are working hard to ensure that these bad practises do not exist anywhere within our organisation or within in our supply chain.


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