New GCSE Grades Converted

You may have heard that the GCSE grading system is changing. They are translating the lettered A*-G grades to a numbered structure, which is being gradually phased in, starting with English and Maths GCSE’s and further being applied to other subjects starting September 2017.

The numbered system will range from 1-9, with 1 being the lowest grade and 9 the highest.

Ofsted have suggested that there should be no direct comparison from the letters to the new numbered structure, but we have put together a rough guide to explain how each grade translates to the new system, as well as including where our Functional Skills Levels fit against it:

  • Numbers 1-3 will represent the traditional D-G grades, which is roughly the equivalent of Functional Skills Level 1
  • Numbers 4-6 will be compared to B-C grades, with 4 being a low C grade and 5 being a high C/low B equivalent
  • Number 7 is roughly the same as an A grade, and then 9, the highest grade you can possibly get, is referred to as the equivalent of an A**
  • Our Functional Skills Level 2 has always been associated with grades C and above, so it will now be equated to grade numbers 4 and higher

If you are interested in gaining your Functional Skills in Maths and/or English then please give us a call on 01732 402 402 and we’d be delighted to assist you in achieving your qualifications.

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