Traineeships for Employers

Traineeships are an opportunity for young people and employers to undertake and offer high quality work experience, together with training in employability skills and maths and English qualifications.Runway Training provide traineeships to young people to help them gain sustainable employment and skills and to help businesses find suitable employees.

Runway Training will provide:

  • High quality work placements
  • Level 2 Award in Employability Skills
  • Master classes in CV writing and interview practice
  • Effective training in small focussed groups, leading to a recognised qualification in maths and English (for those who do not already hold at least a Level 2 qualification)
  • Trainees will complete 2 days of work experience each week and 1 day of training

Traineeships are a scheme funded by the Department for Education (DfE) and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. Traineeships aim to help young people find work by offering 16-24 year olds in England work experience and training. Employers such as HSBC, BT, General Motors and Virgin Media are amongst the bigger companies which offer work placements but it is open to any business of any size.


For Employers

Traineeships For Employers

Looking to take on an apprentice or a new member of staff but not sure where to start? As an employer, you could provide traineeships to 16-24 year olds. The idea behind the scheme is to provide a bridge that prepares young people for Apprenticeships or suitable employment with a focus on progression rather than an end destination.

If a young person taking part in the scheme were to show potential in becoming a productive team member, you would be encouraged to support them in applying for an apprenticeship or other suitable vacancy.

Trainees will do two days a week work experience each week and 1 day of training consisting of small groups focussing on Employability Skills, CV writing, Interview Skills and maths and English where appropriate. The duration of the work placement for a traineeship will be a between 6 weeks and 5 months.

The employer is not required to pay the trainee for the work placement as traineeships fall under an exemption to the minimum wage. You would however be encouraged, but not required, to consider providing trainees with support for their travel and meal costs.

Runway Training work closely with our employers and trainees to ensure the trainee and work placement are matched effectively to create a mutually beneficial opportunity. We will work collaboratively in planning and delivering a bespoke learning and training programme.

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What is The Apprenticeship Levy

The Apprenticeship Levy has been introduced to help support the large scale investment into apprenticeships in England. As a high quality provider of apprenticeships, Runway Training works with levy payers across Kent and the wider South East to ensure they maximise their funds.

The Levy provides a fantastic opportunity for employers to invest in staff training and develop the skills needed to drive business performance. A lack of understanding often prevents businesses from embracing apprenticeship training, however levy funding can be used to train employees in everything from customer service through to management, financial skills and digital marketing.

If you are in scope of the Apprenticeship Levy, or just want to find out some more information about how it works and what apprenticeships are available. Please call 01732 402 402 and speak to our apprenticeship team today.

Traineeship What is The Apprenticeship Levy

How does it work?

From the 6th of April 2017 all employers with a pay bill that is over £3 million will be required to pay the apprenticeship levy.

How is it calculated and are there any allowances?

The levy is your total pay bill above £3 million multiplied by 0.5%, however there is also an allowance of £15,000.00 available.

Can you show some worked examples?

(a) 150 employees x £20,000 each gross salary = £3,000,000
0.5% x £3,000,000 = £15,000

£15,000 – £15,000 (Allowance) = £0

(b) 50 x employees x £75,000 (each gross salary) = £3,750,000
0.5% x £3,750,000 = £18,750

£18,750 – £15,000 Allowance = £3,750

How is the money collected?

The money is collected monthly and is taken by HMRC. These funds are then placed into an online account which is accessible via the apprenticeship service.

Are there any top-ups?

Yes, the government will top your account up with 10% each month. This means that you will have 10% extra available each year to spend on apprenticeship training and it will show in your account each month.

How do I access the funds?

Firstly you will need to register an account on to the apprenticeship service and from there you can access your funds, plan apprenticeship training and link to training providers.

Is it easy to register?

Registration is very straight forward and we have produced a short guide which we can send to you.

What can the levy be spent on?

The levy can be spent on apprenticeship training which comprises of frameworks and standards. These qualifications can be used to train new recruits or existing staff and cover a wide range of sectors and industries. If you are unsure as to the right qualification for yourself or a staff member, we can guide you through and send you the appropriate information.

What help can Runway Training provide with the Apprenticeship Levy?

Our dedicated apprenticeship team will help:

  • Explain the levy in detail so you are clear on how it affects your organisation
  • Help you assess your levy commitment and how that is likely to change in the future
  • Plan your apprenticeship and training strategy to ensure you maximise the levy
  • Help you understand frameworks and standards and the best fit for your organisation
  • Provider regular funding, qualification and policy updates
  • Deliver over 20 different apprenticeship programmes to your workforce

Our testimonials

30,000+ learners trust Runway Training to boost their careers

  • Very informative and enjoyable.

    Very informative and enjoyable. Well presented by Alison and well supported by Seb. Thank You!

    A. Dawkins

  • It's extremely knowledgeable

    Overall I enjoyed the course and found it extremely knowledgeable and tutorials were easy to follow. The tutor gave excellent feedback with prompt replies.

    Z. Jane

    Senior Graphic Designer.
  • Great to work around a full-time job

    This was great to work around a full-time job as [I] could select as and when to watch the videos and complete the tasks.


    Team Leader
  • I would highly recommended it to anyone

    I loved the quality of the video as well as the knowledge of the tutor. I am planing to attend more online training run by Runway Training and I would highly recommended it to anyone who wants to improve their skills sets.


    Aspiring Manager.
  • Many thanks Runway training

    I have gained much knowledge from this course. It is the first time I have accessed training virtually and everything was easy to follow with clear instructions for which questionnaire to complete, video to watch or attachments to read. In particularly I found the personality traits and what motivates others and may demotivate another. I will take this learning with me onto the next stage of my career.


    ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership & Management
  • Thanks for your support during my apprenticeship.

    I will like to show a big appreciation to Zoe Harrison for her support during my apprenticeship to guide me to get not only to pass but to achieve a distinction. She has been very dedicated and supportive during the time that I have known her whilst on the apprenticeship. Zoe has been a source of encouragement to me during times when I questioned whether the apprenticeship was for me and considered dropping out. I just wanted you to know that I believe that Zoe is extremely competent as an apprentice tutor and knows her craft. I believe that she is a valued asset to your organisation and under her guidance many apprentices will succeed. Many thanks

    Runway Training Student

  • We are extremely impressed with the quality

    Pepenbury is a charity that provides high quality care and support for adults with learning disabilities and complex needs.  We train our staff with the necessary skills in order for us to provide the best possible care and management in both Care and non-Care focused roles within the organisation. We have worked with Runway Training over the past year and are extremely impressed with the quality of the training, support and resources provided including the knowledge and expertise of all the staff that we have had the pleasure of working alongside. As an employer, Runway Training have provided us with the flexibility to up skill our staff across various departments including Care (both Residential and Domiciliary) through Health and Social Care programmes but also through Retail Management and Business Administration qualifications.  All staff have been trained to an extremely high standard and Runway Training have worked collaboratively with us, the employer, to support staff through all aspects of their training. Their breadth of knowledge and quality of provision make Runway Training a leader in their industry and it is clear to see how they have achieved all of their current and past accolades.  Their staff are all expert in their fields and it is evident that they pride themselves on professional conduct, which as a result provides highly knowledgeable and up skilled staff for our organisation; we cannot recommend Runway Training highly enough.

    Lisa Mitchell

    Pepenbury, Kent
  • I had a fantastic learning experience

    I would like to say that I had a fantastic learning experience with the company, I found you very professional at all times, great communication throughout and very supportive. The on-line maths formative assessments where very good and helped me be successful. You were able to get me through the exam in time and I was pleased to receive my certificate when I returned from our holiday, so well done I would certainly recommend you to others.

    Mike Rooksby

    Runway Direct Learner, Bristol
  • I really enjoyed the course

    I really enjoyed the course and recapped over somethings that I had already learnt and learned many new things. I also liked that Maureen allowed me to take the lungs out of the Sams (Resusci-Doll). Thank you!!

    Christin Weatherburn

    Emergency First Aid at Work, Orchard Hill Partnership, Surrey
  • Very good, fun and informative.

    Visual information, activities, group work all excellent. I feel like I gained knowledge and I'm sure I will use it in the future.

    T. Champion

    Emergency First Aid at Work, Homeless Care, Maidstone
  • I am really pleased

    Thank you for all your support and patience, I would not have been able to get through it without you.

    Julian Tudor

    Business and Administration Apprentice, Porchlight, Canterbury
  • I really enjoyed the course.

    Learning was made fun and very interesting and helpful for my job and home life. Yvonne was great. Thank you

    E. Barnes

    Emergency First Aid at Work, St Martins School, Tunbridge Wells
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