Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (CAVA)

Course for students who would like to be fully qualified assessors for learners in either the classroom and/or the work environment.


The course is £925.00. Payment plans are available by request.

Delegate Effectively

This course is for managers and team leaders who are seeking to learn new skills or improve their techniques for delegation. The course will provide delegates with a knowledge base about effective delegation as well as activities and action planning for using these skills. The main responsibility of line managers is to make sure that…


Delegate rates, discounts and grants available on request

Advanced Project Management

This course will be ideally suited for Middle Managers and Team Leaders ready to build on their project management skills with more advanced techniques. Successful project management requires the application of tools and methods of working that can take full advantage of the operational and strategic potential of the project. Effective senior project managers need…


Delegate rates, discounts and grants available on request

Delivering Effective Appraisals

This is a course for managers who conduct formal performance reviews with their staff and will explore how performance management contributes to the overall management process and its powerful benefits. Delegates will look at preparation for a review interview, the reviewing of performance and the development of a personal action plan. When used correctly performance…


Delegate rates, discounts and grants available on request

Effective Coaching for Managers

This course is for managers, team leaders and supervisors wishing to use a coaching approach to improve their team’s performance. It will enable attendees to develop their skills in order to effectively coach their staff and improve productivity, team cohesiveness as well as morale. Attendees will study current techniques and develop knowledge on managing behaviour…


Delegate rates, discounts and grants available on request

Engagement and Team Motivating

This course will be ideal for managers, team leaders and supervisors who want to increase the motivation of their team. Motivating people to achieve a common vision is one of the most important challenges facing today’s managers. Motivated, committed and high performing teams make all the difference to an organisation’s on-going success. Managers, team leaders…


Delegate rates, discounts and grants available on request

Interviewing Skills for Candidates

COURSE OVERVIEW The course would be ideal for those who have recently moved into a role where recruitment is now included in their responsibilities and will provide a knowledge base, activities plus action planning for using the new skills. An organisation’s performance is based on the selection of their people and therefore selecting the right…

Introduction to Project Management

COURSE OVERVIEW This course will be ideally suited for New Project Managers who wish to develop project management skills and apply formal project techniques Leading a project requires a different set of tools, techniques and approaches to managing an ongoing business activity.  New project managers need to understand those differences, and learn how to build…

Managing Conflict Effectively

COURSE OVERVIEW This course is suitable for senior and middle managers, team leaders and any other members of your organisation who need to resolve situations which involve conflict within the workplace. We often feel that conflict is something that we should avoid as it is perceived as a fight or a struggle, and this is…

Managing Stress in the Workplace

COURSE OVERVIEW This course is for all employees and businesses who want to learn the benefits of handling stress better. Stress results from an imbalance and is a fact of modern life. The imbalance is between the demands made upon an individual and the personal resources (skills, knowledge, attitudes, personality etc.) and external resources (such…

New to People Management

COURSE OVERVIEW This course will be ideally suited for those who want to develop an understanding of the nature of people management, its complexities and challenges. Managing people is both the most rewarding and the most challenging of all management functions. It is integral in everything a manager does – every day. If management is…

New to Team Leading

COURSE OVERVIEW This course will be ideal for newly appointed Team Leaders, staff with potential for promotion to the role, or those wishing to refresh their skills. Team members expect their team leader to be both resourceful and independent as well as demanding loyalty. The company expects the same so a lot is expected of…

Performance Management

COURSE OVERVIEW This course will be ideally suited for experienced and new managers and team leaders with responsibility for managing and reporting performance. Performance management is all about how a business controls its resources in terms of its personnel. If used well it can highlight those strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and…
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