What is The Apprenticeship Levy

The Apprenticeship Levy has been introduced to help support the large scale investment into apprenticeships in England. As a high quality provider of apprenticeships, Runway Training works with levy payers across Kent and the wider South East to ensure they maximise their funds.

The Levy provides a fantastic opportunity for employers to invest in staff training and develop the skills needed to drive business performance. A lack of understanding often prevents businesses from embracing apprenticeship training, however levy funding can be used to train employees in everything from customer service through to management, financial skills and digital marketing.

If you are in scope of the Apprenticeship Levy, or just want to find out some more information about how it works and what apprenticeships are available. Please call 01732 402 402 and speak to our apprenticeship team today.

From the 6th of April 2017 all employers with a pay bill that is over £3 million will be required to pay the apprenticeship levy.

The levy is your total pay bill above £3 million multiplied by 0.5%, however there is also an allowance of £15,000.00 available.

(a) 150 employees x £20,000 each gross salary = £3,000,000
0.5% x £3,000,000 = £15,000

£15,000 – £15,000 (Allowance) = £0

(b) 50 x employees x £75,000 (each gross salary) = £3,750,000
0.5% x £3,750,000 = £18,750

£18,750 – £15,000 Allowance = £3,750

The money is collected monthly and is taken by HMRC. These funds are then placed into an online account which is accessible via the apprenticeship service.

Yes, the government will top your account up with 10% each month. This means that you will have 10% extra available each year to spend on apprenticeship training and it will show in your account each month.

Firstly you will need to register an account on to the apprenticeship service and from there you can access your funds, plan apprenticeship training and link to training providers.

Registration is very straight forward and we have produced a short guide which we can send to you.

The levy can be spent on apprenticeship training which comprises of frameworks and standards. These qualifications can be used to train new recruits or existing staff and cover a wide range of sectors and industries. If you are unsure as to the right qualification for yourself or a staff member, we can guide you through and send you the appropriate information.

Our dedicated apprenticeship team will help:

  • Explain the levy in detail so you are clear on how it affects your organisation
  • Help you assess your levy commitment and how that is likely to change in the future
  • Plan your apprenticeship and training strategy to ensure you maximise the levy
  • Help you understand frameworks and standards and the best fit for your organisation
  • Provider regular funding, qualification and policy updates
  • Deliver over 20 different apprenticeship programmes to your workforce

Runway Training have been supportive and open throughout both the recruitment and the delivery of the training, allowing us to work together to keep everything running smoothly. The staff are professional and knowledgeable and always do their best to answer any queries or concerns as soon as they can. We are very happy with the relationship we have built with Runway Training and hope to continue our partnership with them

Gary D Clark
Team Manager, AXA PPP Healthcare

To speak to our team call 01732 402 402 or e-mail to [email protected], we’d be happy to help.

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